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San Francisco Clinic

Date: October 25, 2014

Venue: Jackson Playground – Main Field

Location: San Francisco

You are invited to participate in the FREE Legends for Youth Clinic presented by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association!

What: FREE Youth Baseball Clinic

When: Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Where: Jackson Playground – Main Field

17th St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

Who: Former Major League baseball players will teach you the fundamentals of the game and life skills.

How: Register for this clinic »

About Legends for Youth Clinic Series: Legends for Youth is a charitable program running more than 85 free events each year nationwide. Its mission is to promote the game of baseball to America’s youth using positive sports images and personalities.

Make a contribution to the LFY Program or the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA). Thanks for your support!

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Junior Girls National Team Program 

Cuba – February 17-24, 2013

(Subject to flight schedule changes)



This program, based in Havana, is specifically designed to provide athletes with a combination of competition and training in a warm climate and the opportunity to learn about the culture, history and people of Cuba. Participants will meet, train and compete with Cuban student athletes and coaches at Cuban sports facilities and venues arranged by the Cuban Ministries of Sport and Education.  Visiting athletes may also train with Cuban National Program coaches and pro players.  Competitions are arranged with Cuban athletes of skill levels similar to their Canadian counterparts. Program also serves as identification camp for National Women’s Team program leading up to the 2014 World Cup. Priority will be to players who participated at the 2012 Bantam Girls Nationals in Nova Scotia.

Anybody can learn | Code.org

Anybody can learn | Code.org

The Best Resources to Learn to Code

The Best Resources to Learn to Code

Million Dollar Arm (TM?)

The movie released this year is a worthy watch. There are a number of Disney-esque techniques used which imply a randomness to the real story – I suggest, they are not viable as no one, no investor, would risk the time, money and integrity to do this without certainty they were doing it right.

But, set your skepticism aside and rent or watch the movie…

The relevance to girls and women who prefer baseball should not be lost: considering the many sexist elements that come up, not overt, but imply all we are conscious of in the world we live in, which does treat women differently. Our main character is very shallow, and only demonstrates a tacit self-awarness of this just past half way in the movie, specifically regarding his intimacy issues, and how he relates to women (although, there is a hint of his vulnerability just earlier in the movie, when he reveals he has missed his pool house tenant, an interning physician, who, on the surface does not mesh with the main character’s girlfriend aesthetic. Ironically, she has adapted to her new boyfriend, a mimbo, also, an intern, so we know he is at least intelligent as well as physically fit.)

Having taken you on this segue of sexism in the movies, returning to the details of the movie having to do with its relevance…

One has to wonder if the timing of the movie as it was staged and filmed in India, could have impacted the legacy and trajectory of WOMEN in baseball.

There is no hint of this but the net-effect does beg the question.

Also, the idea of finding talent in other sports which might quickly translate into a baseball pitching mechanism certainly implies that if a boy or man who is not trained or skilled or with the DNA has the opportunity to develop and prosper in the MLB:

why cannot a woman who does have these attributes have the same shot?

Well, the movie is clear: the goal is finding two who can meet the test during the Indian-Nationwide competition: throw strikes and / or velocity, in the mid-80’s seems to be all we get from hundreds who show up for the tryouts, traveling far and wide from throughout India: despite accuracy.

From the movie, it seems, a balance of both objectives yielded the two prospects, who are then flown to LA, to work through Tom House’s system, the most famous pitching method and mechanics specialist, as he was, at that time, the pitching coach for the University of Southern California (USC.)

There are so few movies that help us to sustain our inner baseball one cannot turn away from this feature film, despite its shortcomings.

I am not crazy about the choice of the actor, who portrays Don Draper in Mad Men, the Emmy-winning series on AMC, despite the benefits helping with the backstory of our main character: he does start off a star agent, off his game; in need of a shave and his suit tie pushed up, button-down shirt collar, buttoned at the neck; he also shares his priority for a shallow relationship with women who are superficially, obviously “10” in appearance but, as portrayed, seem likely 3 in person: yet, another jab at women in society.

There was rumor eight years ago Disney was considering a movie about a girl who made it into youth baseball: I don’t know any more than that and, clearly, if it is true, is a back burner project.

No doubt, Mo’ne Davis would be the likely star if not featured character of such a future film, now, rather than dwelling on the ambiguity of the single girl starting the “trend” playing in youth baseball, anywhere from 65 to 40 years ago: take your pick from the short list of women, today, who also claim to be the motivating factor as to why President Richard M. Nixon’s signature making Title IX law of the land, became the motivation for Little League (TM) to allow girls to play baseball (before segmenting girls into softball.)

I hope, in that portrayal, less time is spent fictionalizing the struggle that girl will endure, at least half of the likely film, and focusing more on the clear success she experiences and time spent evangelizing baseball to girls, and to boys that all should be playing baseball, together, at the very least, until the age of 13…

You can listen to an interview, click here, conducted in 2008, meeting Rinku Singh [who underwent "Tommy John" surgery, Summer, 2013] and Dinesh Kumar Patel, the first two India-born players to be signed by a major U.S. sports team when they joined the Pittsburgh Pirates this week. They will discuss they amazing journey and what the future might hold for them. Also joining the call is JB Bernstein, managing director of The Million Dollar Arm, who discovered them. More on them at http://snurl.com/6t6xd Questions to saja@columbia.edu

You can read up on our two prospects, searching the Internet for them, or, accessing these links from their respective Wikipedia pages – click on their respective names, as links, above.

Million Dollar Arm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Makers | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

Makers | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

WEST: Women Entering and Staying in Tech

WEST: Women Entering and Staying in Tech

▶ Mission Playground is Not For Sale – YouTube

Gentrification in the Mission enabled by the San Francisco Parks & Rec in collusion with the private City Fields Foundation. Without community approval, the private foundation decided to issue costly permits to a small traditional pick-up soccer field. The entitled show up and try to kick the neighborhood kids off of the field at prime time without even showing their “permit.” They don’t want to wait their turn and play with everyone else. They finally agree to play together but then the guy with the permit finally arrives. “Don’t you understand? You have to leave ….. we’re part of the community, this is awkward and weird, disastrously weird” “Who cares about the neighborhood?”

▶ Mission Playground is Not For Sale – YouTube.

GoldieBlox Aims For Mainstream: First Superbowl, Now Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

GoldieBlox Aims For Mainstream: First Superbowl, Now Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

What’s The Right Way To Coach Girls? Toyota Everyday Hero Barb Lazarus Works To Keep Them In The Game

What’s The Right Way To Coach Girls? Toyota Everyday Hero Barb Lazarus Works To Keep Them In The Game