Hanging with Willie Mays and Vin Scully: it’s the greatest – SFGate

The coolest thing in the world happened before Saturday’s Giants-Dodgers game. Willie Mays dropped by Vin Scully’s broadcast booth, and the two icons discussed baseball and life. “My favorite, Willie Mays,” said Scully when introducing the Say Hey Kid to his wife, Sandra, as a dozen people looked on in the booth. Scully, who will call his final game Sunday at AT&T Park, has never hesitated when saying the best player he ever saw was Mays, who played for the rival Giants for 21 of Scully’s 67 years behind the microphone. Scully told Mays, “I always thought you could play every position on the field,” and Mays said he actually played shortstop a couple of times, once in a 23-inning game against the Mets in 1964. Scully: “I always remember Eddie Grant’s monument at the foot of the clubhouse (in center field) was 483 (feet from the plate).” Mays: “I tell everybody it’s not the catch so much, it’s the situation, getting the ball back to the infield.” To me,” Scully said, “I tell people, ‘The best one he ever made was the line drive by Bobby Morgan at Ebbets Field.’

Source: Hanging with Willie Mays and Vin Scully: it’s the greatest – SFGate