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Baseball Prospectus | BP Announcements: BP Prospect Team Roster

Meet the new folks!

Source: Baseball Prospectus | BP Announcements: BP Prospect Team Roster

Girl Boxer – The New York Times

NYTimes: First Woman to Enter Boston Marathon Runs It Again, 50 Years Later


In 1967, Kathrine Switzer registered as K.V. Switzer and had to avoid an official who tried to force her from the course.

NYTimes: Baseball’s Data Revolution Is Elevating Defensive Dynamos


It’s not just sluggers earning fat contracts anymore. Outfielders like Kevin Kiermaier, whose great defense is highlighted by new technology, are newly getting their due.

NYTimes: A California Court for Young Adults Calls on Science


San Francisco’s Young Adult Court, created in 2015, is based on recent research suggesting that brain development extends beyond age 18, into the 20s.

NYTimes: Mom Seeks Novel for Family Book Club, No Kafka or Y.A. Allowed


In this installment of Match Book, a woman seeks a work of fiction that will unite her “disparate group of avid readers,” also known as her children.

NYTimes: New York Times Names Former Businessweek Editor to Head Business Section


The hiring of Ellen Pollock, formerly the editor in chief of Bloomberg Businessweek, is the latest move in a reshaping of The Times’s newsroom.

NYTimes: Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove


A stealthy pet project by the former Microsoft chief lets you search and learn about how the government spends tax dollars.

NYTimes: What Happens When Women Legislate


Nevada shows why the gender makeup of state-level politics matters.